Waste Generated Products, Inc. and our technology partners have the tested, proven technology and methodology to make a significant impact on one of the world’s most pressing issues…waste.

"Eliminating Waste by converting it into power, fuels and products."

Gasification / Pyrolysis

Powder Impression Molding

Sludge Remediation

gasification2 This WGP technology converts used tires, plastics, medical waste, biological and carbon based waste into lubricants, diesel, gasoline, aviation fuel and electricity. At 80%, this incredibly innovative technology boasts the highest efficiencies in the industry in the conversion of the waste feedstock to energy and or fuels.

pim3PIM makes it possible to recycle voluminous amounts of single-stream, unsorted, non-segregated waste material – while withstanding even high levels of contaminants – and use it as feedstock for the production of composite products that are stronger, more cost effective, and contain higher quality material than other leading manufacturers.

sludge2The sludge to energy remediation system is an advanced process available to solve the serious environmental issues of sewer sludge – worldwide. Fully tested, proven,and environmentally sustainable, the system eliminates sludge and converts it into megawatts of electricity.