About Us


Waste Generated Products, Inc. a Florida based corporation was formed in May of 2011 and began operations in June.  Initially, the WGP management team focused on identifying those communities throughout the southeast region of the United States whose waste issues were most pressing. We have currently, due to marketplace demand, expanded our efforts throughout the United States as well as internationally.

WGP plans to build, own, operate and maintain each of our facilities, for the sale of power, fuels and high value commodity products to the marketplace.  With 10 years of technology testing behind us, and two years of pre-launch preparation, Waste Generated Products and our Venture Partner technologies and systems will set the standard for waste remediation well into the future.  We will stay cost efficient, effective and competitive with superior products and by-products produced from the worldwide waste stream

The key to the WGP “Waste Remediation Program”is that we analyze the entire waste stream, from inception and creation to disposal and disposition.  Unlike the current technologies and systems found throughout the world today which focus on partial recycling or piece meal technologies, Waste Generated Products, Inc. and its Venture Partner technologies and systems are focused on all issues regarding waste remediation.  In simple terms, “focus technology and systems on solving the underlying challenges and conditions” not Band-Aid the issues.  It is here, where WGP is committed and capable of bringing universal solutions to the ever growing and pressing problems of worldwide waste into the 21st century.

While converting almost all garbage, sludge and waste into power, fuels, and high value commodity products, WGP will bring large numbers of quality, highly compensated, long term employment opportunities to each waste remediation facility.  Waste Generated Products has the technology today, to accomplish all this and more through environmentally beneficial, pollution neutral facilities.