Powder Impression Molding


Powder Impression Molding as a proprietary technology is a groundbreaking manufacturing process. It is capable of producing high value end products from remediated waste streams.   As the emerging leader in manufacturing technology, it offers significant advantages over Powder Injection Molding, a formerly leading method of producing similar products. Impression Molding operates at one atmospheric pressure, as opposed to the several atmospheric pressure units that Injection Molding requires. This allows the Powder Impression Molding system to operate at far less expense and tooling cost than even the most efficient composite production process.


Using precision, open-mold technology, PIM allows for the large-scale production of composite products of any size, shape, or color at a speed that cannot be duplicated by rival manufacturing methods – an industry first and ultimately a significant factor in Waste Generated Products’ growth.

PIM makes it possible to recycle voluminous amounts of single-stream, unsorted, non-segregated waste material – while withstanding even high levels of contaminants – and use it as feedstock for the production of composite products that are stronger, more cost effective, and contain higher material quality than other leading manufacturers.

Technical PIM Innovations

  • Ability to use 100% recycled materials, single stream, non-segregated waste
  • The sterilization process that takes mixed waste, removes all hazardous toxins, and produces a gray material capable of being granulated or powdered
  • Powder Resin that is mixed with the granulated recycled material that allows the recycled material filler to expand and bond with the outer skin
  • Ability to encapsulate virtually any material, including non-polymers