Sludge Remediation


Sewer sludge is plaguing our nation’s cities and towns with millions of dollars spent in expensive treatment and disposal systems.  The high water content of the sludge is a constant by-product of the process in a water treatment plant.

  • It is very expensive to treat.
  • It is very expensive to dispose of.
  • It is extremely harmful to the environment.
  • It creates poisonous Methane Gas in landfills.


WGP’s ST-Series Sludge remediation system will be located on or next to acommunity’s current waste treatment facility.

Our systems are fully tested, proven and completely eliminate the Sludge issues of a community by converting the Sludge into ELECTRICITY and POTABLE WATER.

The entire system is closed looped so there are essentially no pollutants, emissions, or greenhouse gasses released into the air or water ecosystem.WGP’s Sludge technology meets or exceeds all EPA Standards.